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Third Western China International Ceramics Festival porcelain opening in Jiaji
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Today (12), by the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Trade and Industry Bureau of Sichuan Province, Leshan City, organized Jiajiang County hosted the "China Ceramic Capital West (Jiajiang) Third International Ceramics Festival" kicked off in Jiajiang Square . Chen Wenhua, vice governor of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province has been Vice Chairman of Tsinghua University, Chen-Chang attended the opening ceremony. According to reports, the current investment Jiajiang ceramic section 23 projects signed, the total amount of 6.85 billion; signed three economic agreements, the total amount of 1.9 billion. Ceramics Festival brings together the current domestic and international ceramic industry experts, technology consultants and ceramic manufacturers, distributors, about 6,000 people. Ceramics Festival "brand, innovation, and industry" as the theme, ceramics, calligraphy paper, three private dining Expo theme, highlight the historical and cultural heritage and billions of Jiajiang ceramic industry cluster development, will Jiajiang porcelain western China the visibility, reputation and influence to a new level. After years of rapid development, Jiajiang ceramic enterprises has grown to 101, 216 supporting enterprises, enterprises in the relevant folder and outside of the business, service, offices in more than 160. Jiajiang has formed a set of technology, production, quality, sales, information, technology, human resources support services to improve the ceramic industry chain. Emergence of new sources, new Wanxing, Jianhui, Milano, Venice, loess ceramic companies, enterprises and famous brands. Ceramic annual production capacity of 5.5 million square meters, accounting for 80% of Sichuan, China 12.5%. In recent years, with the ceramic Jiajiang the rapid development of pillar industries, attracting world attention. Today, Jiajiang are actively working with Italy, Spain and other ceramic power closely. At the opening ceremony, China's western world, with Italian porcelain porcelain Jiajiang (Bologna) signed a memorandum of cooperation and understanding.

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