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Machine packer
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Recently, big the renewable resources that Gui Sheng of Liu of villager of village of willow of town of river of pool of more than county mixes 3 broken glass a few to abandon old electric equipment to send the village reclaims chain dot. Reclaim as renewable resources chain is nodded " enter into the village group " , big villager of more than county clears in succession the useless old electric equipment in the home, scrap iron and steel, waste paper, useless plastic. In recent years, big more than county advances renewable resources actively to reclaim use systematic construction, with country fairdyke village of town, center attachs most importance to a dot, in entire county 11 villages and towns establish 21 renewable resources to reclaim chain manages a site, develop from personnel of course of study 100 more than person, form renewable resources of country of county, country to reclaim chain manages a network. Current, this town district the community of 60% , country the central village of 50% , finish reclaim construction of site form a complete set.

Big more than county to entire county the renewable resources of 11 villages and towns buys a site to have new position, make buy management network position to enclothe every villages and towns, the key has caught the big villages and towns such as new city, Chi Jiang, Qing Long, Na Anzhen to buy the position of the site. Distributing formerly to company of basic level supply and marketing establish 10 many buy a site, new conformity is transformed, establish 21 renewable resources to reclaim chain runs a point, each reclaim station construction executes chain to change, centralized structure decorates standard, unified inn to provoke type, centralized management is normative. Reclaim to flow personnel is executed unified reclaim by community the station is hanged lean, recruit; Integrate traffic, unified dress mark, bosom gets stuck; Unified buy the price, its from " guerrilla " reorganize is " regular army " . In the meantime, personnel of associated come off sentry duty and social SOHO buy a site, sign join in agreement, build chain to manage in all buy a network. This county is shown brightness renewable resources reclaims used Inc. to still purchase treatment cut machine and packer, to useless steel, useless copper, scrap iron, execute buy dispersedly by chain site, the company is machined centrally, bale, unified sale. Reclaiming side of product of renewable resources dominant, this county was captured closely big the geographical ambient conditions of more than big mine, organize car personnel, hit out actively, hill call at sb's house is bought on. Last year up to now, this county reclaims, treatment useless steel, scrap iron is close 100 tons, raised renewable resources to reclaim greatly the service advantage that exploit.

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