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Charter flight carries guest rate to be as high as 86% to bring lease of life of
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Charter flight reached two sides to stopped to already amounted to 10 weeks on September 8 on July 4 oneself on the weekend, airline of aggregate two sides flies in all boat 180, carry a guest on average to lead 86% , upsurge in oil price bring about embarkation number to drop under, the guest leads the Gao Zai of charter flight on the weekend, conduce to cross-strait airline.

According to Taiwan " now news " report, stage " civil aviation bureau of the Ministry of Communication " announce two sides charter flight carries out 10 weeks achievement on the weekend, taiwan 5 airline, mainland 6 airline, two sides is weekly each 18, since carrying out 10 weeks aggregate 360, offer in all 160, 848 seats, carry a passenger 138, 395 person-time, carry a guest on average to lead 86% .

Besides was affected July by local element, the boat dot September chooses to had restored to be a consideration to depend on market demand gradually, the stage just rises fall the airport centers Yu Tao garden (make an appointment with 18 every week) , loose hill (make an appointment with 18) every week, mainland respect is centered at Shanghai (make an appointment with 18 every week) , Beijing (make an appointment with 6 every week) , Guangzhou (make an appointment with 8) every week. Time of charter flight aiguille is Zhou Wu (about 15) , second aiguille time is weekday (about 10) , with general and airborne brigade second character is similar.

"Civil aviation bureau " express, world fuel price is at present rising, each country airline all faces management dilemma, the rate of Gao Zai's guest of charter flight behaves two sides on the weekend sincere belong to not easy. If future can add new air route of dot of order, boat and program, to flying the airline of boat is benefit more much, to Taiwan depression of course of study also has civil aviaton to carry display vigour to use considerably.

As to the charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival this year, stop to came 21 days on September 7 during the flight, at present plan 3 airline such as 5 airline inside the island and mainland Xiamen Airline, Shanghai Airline and Dong Hang offer application, among them Taiwan airline flying boat 12, mainland airline flying boat 4, add up to is offerred 8, 872 seating.

The boat dot that the boat dot with open charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival compares megacycle end charter flight, machine of 9 class, loose hill has peach garden airport 7; As to case fall mainland airport criterion 14 of above sea most popular, it is Xiamen next 2. Airline most and charter flight is arranged together on the weekend, be in this paragraph of 3 weeks during inside, mid-autumn charter flight and charter flight offers 98 in all on the weekend.

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