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Reject station packer tears off worker ear
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Yesterday afternoon, some waste product of general Tuo division reclaims when a worker is working, the station is squeezed by large packer carelessly the head. Classics hospital is diagnosed, the ear of this worker is torn off badly, the head also has loss.

When the reporter comes to hospital of center of general Tuo area, this worker that surnames a horse already was sent into surgery, its family member and friend are awaiting anxiously at the door surgery. His wife expression is very nervous, marital blood still was stained with on the dress. It is reported, because the Ma Mou when the accident did not notice the machine that starting, go taking the paper case on the side of large packer, be squashed to be built to the head carelessly

Geminate side ear is torn off.

The reporter understands from doctor office, the suture operation of Ma Mou ear is already successful, but of the head get hurt the case is more complex, want to check ability to define specific operation plan further.

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